vine pawprints
table of

Table of Contents

  1. My dog used to think
  2. Doris let herself in
  3. O'Poo was a dismal sight
  4. Rehab is a pain in the butt
  5. It all started with the storm

  6. End of preview above, but here's a glimpse of the rest, below.

  7. I love to cook
  8. The next morning before dawn
  9. The days of winter
  10. On the following Wednesday
  11. I drove home slowly
  12. After a couple of days
  13. My aunt Delia
  14. I don't feel anything
  15. The medication I had been waiting for
  16. After a few more sessions
  17. I dreamed of a man
  18. Delia tugged
  19. It did not take much
  20. O'Poo finally remembered me
  21. The quiet rumble
  22. My grandmother has a classic beauty
  23. That's too deep for me
  24. The house was oddly quiet
  25. O'Poo sat on David
  26. I worried about my grandmother's ability
  27. In the days that followed
  28. My grandmother became the uncertainty principal
  29. Everyone was beautiful
  30. David finally found a ranch
  31. It was my turn
  32. Epilogue
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